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tatamigalaxy ([personal profile] tatamigalaxy) wrote2012-02-24 08:28 pm

Oui! Salut!

Hmmmmm. I've been meaning to get a livejournal, but their recent changes have left me a very saaaad owl, so I decided to give dreamwidth a wholehearted try!!!

Hm. Lemme see if I can do this correctly.
I'm Jamie. I'm sixteen. Well, not really, because my birthday isn't until March but I like to get a head start on stuff. I like games like Fallout and Dragon Age, then on the opposite spectrum I sometimes play Diner Dash and The Sims 3 unironically. I'm a Homestuck, but I swear I don't babble on about shipping (AradiaxEquius cough.) I DM for DnD games, own a cat, and I love anime.

Thaaaat's it. Now let me make my stumbling way around this site in peace.